Thursday, June 6, 2013

Thrifty Thursday - Something for Me!

I've been out and about looking for new furniture pieces over the last few days, but nothing has really caught my eye. I keep telling myself not to pick something up unless I love it, so I've come home empty handed this week in terms of furniture.

But I did pick up this ginger jar...

 photo gingerjar_zps6527d0df.jpg

Check out that orange pine!! This is the dining table I often moan about... when Emma and Harry are a little older it's outta here!

Anyway, the terracotta is not my thing, so I painted it. Bet you didn't think I'd do that right? All about changing it up here...

 photo gingerjar2_zpsc04bd498.jpg

Two coats of ASCP Provence and she's looking a little more my style. I love these, and have seen them in so many homewares stores, but at $100 + they aren't in the budget. Lucky me, I found this one for $8 :) I will have to find a spot for it where little hands can't touch it!

 photo retrolightfitting_zps22d3d69f.jpg

I also picked up this cane light fitting for my entry. We've been in this house for 2 years and I just couldn't stand the metal pencil holder thing any more, and then I found this. For $2. Bargain! The entry is STILL a work in progress - the mirror and table on the right need some work (ie paint) and I think I want a new rug, but it will get there :)

Just as I've been writing this I've seen something on Gumtree and I'm going to have a look at. Cross your fingers for me...


  1. Looks great, I'm surprised you didn't paint the light shade with chalk paint too ;)

  2. i love the caned light! so cool! and love your ginger jar!

  3. Fingers crossed! Your entryway is cute :) I've been demolishing things in my house today as well as finishing off some upholstered bits. I've also stuck my head in the manhole to the roof space for the first time time (we've been in our home since Feb 2012) and now I'm dreaming of ladders from the kids' rooms up to an attic's busy in my head, lol! Plus I thought it was Friday today and announced it to the internet. What a winner!

    xx Karen

  4. Gorgeous jar!! So much better now the terracotta's gone :-)
    Why are you waiting for kids to be older before you do your table? Not judging, just curious!

  5. How good is chalk paint?! Love the ginger jar.. big improvement on the terracotta ;) Jo x


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