Saturday, January 29, 2011

Baby Gift

After having Emma in 2008 I went to the local health clinic for their baby health classes. When the classes finished a bunch of us continued to meet, and as time passed this whittled down to a group of five women and their bubs (including myself and Emma) who have become great friends. Having a group of mums going through what I'm going through, at the time I'm going through it, who offer both support and friendship, has been wonderful. That Emma has a little group of friends to grow up with, learn things with, and have fun with, is such a beautiful thing to see.

Since then we've met almost every week, as well as started up a few extra-curricular activities ;). Marissa and Amy have also given birth to their second babies, and Kelly and I are due for ours in March. Because these women have been such a wonderful support in my life, I've tried to make their children handmade gifts - wanting to repay their kindness by putting the effort and thought into making something special for them and their child.

So, after such a long introduction, I found a softie pattern for a goose that I just fell in love with, and that I think is perfect for a baby gift. Here's my gorgeous edition (I'm smitten!)

 photo babygift-harry_zps490e131a.jpg

The instructions for this softie are really straight forward and it's wonderful to have a printable pattern rather than doing the maths / guess work that's often needed for online tutorials. I even love the suggestion of putting it with a book, though I'm not sure mine is right for 'Lucy Goosey', so will have to keep my eyes open for the next month or so for something more like my creature! Needless to say, I'm very pleased with him, and pleased I'm so organised ready for the birth of Kelly's baby.

 photo babygift-harry2_zps3e601a13.jpg

Given he's so adorable, I'm think I'll have to make another one for my bub too!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

My first project is complete!

Mid last year I was given a gorgeous pattern for a child's outfit from Make it Perfect. Toni Cowards' site and blog have got to be one of my favourite sewing sites - her fabric choices are always spot on and her patterns are beautiful. (I should say that I don't actually know Toni, just check her blog religiously!). She has a great range of clothes, and her new book (my Christmas present) has a few items that went straight on the 'To Do' list for 2011.

I was actually a little nervous to start on her Bloom tunic and shorts set; I wasn't sure my sewing skills would be up to the task. But this year I jumped in, and I just love the result!

 photo 1stproject_zpsb8788b29.jpg

I'm a sewing novice, so I won't pretend that there weren't mistakes. I cut the short pieces out three times before I got it right, and the binding on the tunic is a bit bulky, BUT I LOVE IT!!!! Emma looks gorgeous in bright colours, and I love anything even a little retro, so I'm completely delighted with the result.

 photo 1stproject2_zpsead5f4d9.jpg

There are so many great little details to the set - covered buttons, turned up cuffs - and with a little time and patience I could manage it with only a few stressful moments.

 photo 1stproject3_zps7e4d20e5.jpg

Emma wore the outfit for a day out in Manly and I can't tell you how many people looked twice and smiled. (This may also have had something to do with the fact that Emma was walking through the Manly Corso singing, dancing, and every so often screaming 'Ta Da!!' at the top of her lungs). Regardless, seeing my little girl in something so cute, and that I had made, was wonderful!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Here goes...

After reading so many wonderful craft blogs, and in particular the amazing round ups for 2010, I was finally encouraged to wade into the blog world and start my own. I've created a 'To Do' list for 2011, ready to take on craft and sewing projects for my family and friends, and a few special treats thrown in for me!

Of course, there are a few others things that have spurned me on. I have a gorgeous 2 year old, Emma, and a baby due in March. I love seeing my girl in home made outfits; the whole process from selecting material I think will suit her, to finding a great pattern, and then that first outing wearing her new gear is a wonderful experience.

This year we also moved into our new home, which is a wonderful motivator for home decorating. I have lots of blank walls and open spaces, just ready for new projects.

So, here's to a wonderful, crafty 2011! Hope you'll share the journey with me.
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