Thursday, June 27, 2013

Thrifty Thursday - My finds lately...

A very lovely new friend asked me this week how I got started with all this furniture business and I thought I would share.

 photo 009_zps637c8659.jpg

In 2009 we moved into a new home (the one above), one that stretched the budget a little but that had all the space we'd been looking for. My husband and I had long talks about our budget, and it was pretty clear that we wouldn't be getting any cool new furniture for our new home any time soon. So of course I had to get creative. At the same time I was discovering the amazing blogging world and finding blogs like Miss Mustard Seed, Vintage Revivals and Primitive & Proper and with their amazing tutorials, instructions, and inspiration I got stuck in.

I absolutely love the hunt; walking in to an op shop and finding that amazing piece that would look beautiful with a coat of paint. Or searching facebook sites to find pieces, like this lovely piece of orangeness I picked up this week...

 photo Desk_zps01e1df3b.jpg

And I'm a regular now at the local silent auction house, where I scored this coffee table... check out her legs!!

 photo 019_zpsf732f777.jpg

And I picked up this great cane chest too.

 photo 015_zpse218fd80.jpg

There are a million things I would still love to change about my home. I have an orange dining table. I have the worlds ugliest brown microfibre lounge. But I'm slowly chipping away. In the next few weeks the ugly tiles and stained carpet will leave the building, and all new bamboo flooring will be installed. Can't wait.And will definitely share.

Then hopefully I get to work on that orange dining table. :)

PS - If you're local to the Central Coast I'm having a garage sale via facebook tonight. There are some great vintage finds that I've just never gotten round to working on, or that I've just got no room for. I'd love to see you there.

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  1. They are some seriously cool finds Catherine! I love that hall table :)

    I think you just need to bite the bullet and paint that dining table of won't take long at all and you'll wonder why you didn't do it years ago (says the girl who has a timber tv cabinet and wine rack, lol!)

    Miss Mustard Seed and Primitive and Proper were the first blogs I found too! I also follow Vintage Revivals, Mandi has some pretty cool ideas :)

    xx Karen

  2. Good luck with your sale tonight and can't wait to see the new floors!! That's exciting!!

  3. Love that coffee table with the lush legs. Love hearing your background story and while having a quick sticky beak through some of your old posts, I noticed our boys were born a couple of weeks apart. Don't know how you got anything done when he was tiny, mine never slept!
    I'm slowly making my way through my things, but my big table from everyday living definitely needs some love. Maybe when the kids aren't drawing all over it and a bit older!
    Good luck with your garage sale :)

  4. Your background story is very similar to my own. I remember finding blogs for the first time (Paint Me White was the first one I ever read) and being blown away by how much you can do with second hand furniture :)
    I really love that little chest you found!
    Cas x


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