Monday, May 27, 2013

Provence Dresser - My First Chalk Paint Project

 photo ProvenceDresser6_zps2758cca7.jpg

If you've been following along you might remember that earlier this month I was offered the chance to try out Annie Sloan Chalk Paint now that is has arrived in Australia. I admit that I thought this was a hoax - I couldn't believe that someone would offer me paint, but a few weeks later the paint turned up and I couldn't wait to get started.

 photo ProvenceDresser3_zpse1c8589b.jpg

The dresser I worked on was actually in quite good condition, just very dated. I did NO prep work for this other than giving it a clean. The Chalk Paint was thicker than I expected, but so easy to work with. I decided I wanted a stronger paint colour so I did two coats, and then used a wipe to distress.

 photo ProvenceDresser4_zpsd6f27afc.jpg

I love how this turned out, the colour is so gorgeous. For someone used to either undercoating or making up a batch of home made chalk paint, this was really easy. Sure the paint might be a little more expensive on its own, but when you consider the saving on undercoat, and your prep time, I think it works out great.

The colour is Provence, a gorgeous turquoisey aquay hue that I love. I took this piece along with me to a local market on the weekend and I can't tell you how many people commented on the shade. EVERYONE loved it. I also received some wax, both clear and dark. While I love the paint, the wax really impressed me and I wouldn't go back to my basic stuff again. Application was super easy and the end result is great.

 photo ProvenceDresser5_zpsd8358947.jpg

I had such a hard time finding just the right knobs for this piece - I bought and sent back three different sets before I was finally happy. I think these lovely ceramic ones are just right :)

 photo ProvenceDresser2_zpse7ecdc17.jpg

I'm sure this is old hat to my US and UK friends, but for us Aussies, this is a big deal. If you want to try some out for yourself, Australian stockists are listed here. They also offer classes too. I'd love to visit one of the Sydney stores soon, as I think some more of those Annie Sloan blues have my name on them. :)

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In case it's not clear, this is a sponsored post. I was provided paint and wax to use for this project, but the opinions are all my own. This is my first ever post like this and I can't say enough how much I appreciate the opportunity. 

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Thrifty Thursday - When Life Gives you Lemons

I was psyched for op shopping yesterday. I had cleaned out the car, I had clothes made for carrying furniture, I had cash. What I didn't have was an open op shop. I drove half an hour to my favourite shop only to find they were closed for a grey nomad conference. ARGH!!!

Luckily Harry was asleep so I drove to a shop closer to home, but without the great prices. I did come home with this though....

 photo lampbase_zps5d5957e6.jpg

Of course the shade has to go, but I really love the base. I won't paint it, for some reason I don't feel the need to, but will probably take it along to the market this weekend and see if  else loves it too.

The other lovely I picked up was this...

 photo wallmirror_zps4f9154a1.jpg

I walked past it a couple of times, unconvinced, and left it completely when Harry pulled all the VHS tapes off a shelf nearby, but came back eventually and decided that she should come home with me.  And check out the wall paper on the back!

 photo wallmirror2_zpseb388ca9.jpg

I think I'll take her to the market too - and if she comes home again I know just where she's going to live :)

Speaking of the market - these two are just about ready to go...

 photo tieredshelves_zps3e9b2ef5.jpg photo greyandwhitechair_zps692eef58.jpg

While you're here - I'd love to hear from anyone who had bamboo flooring. We are wanting to get rid of all our completely disgusting carpet in the living rooms and are considering bamboo. If you have it, or have looked at it, I'd love to hear what you think...

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Monday, May 20, 2013

A Vintage Chair Makeover

A little while ago I came across a lady selling a bunch of chairs that were part of a clean out she was doing before setting up her new business. Of course I took all of them, but the one that really caught my eye was this girl.

 photo ThriftyThursday172_zpse19e3d14.jpg

The lady had great intentions (don't we all) but never quite got round to giving them a makeover, so she was passing them on. And I was VERY happy to takeover. The chair sat in the garage for a little while as I thought about fabric - the pale blue velvet had to go, but I quite liked the white frame (though it needed to be re-done). Lucky for me I went to the local Destash Market  and found the perfect fabric for her. It is such soft linen and such a great pattern, I just wish I had more! And here she is now...

 photo vintagechairmakeover_zps367e5910.jpg

I love the style of this old chair, the arm rests get me every time. I used a home made chalk paint and then distressed, and used Annie Sloan Wax to seal it. Can I tell you, I LOVE this wax?! In the past I have just used furniture wax I could get from Bunnings, and while it did the job, the smell was strong and I knew I could find better. When I got the chance to try out Annie Sloan Chalk Paint now that it's here in Australia I received some wax along with it, and it is SO much better. Yes I got it for free, but these are my own, honest opinions. I bought a special new brush to apply it with and I'm really happy :)

 photo vintagechairmakeover3_zps9c1e7263.jpg

This girl is destined for Avoca Beachside Markets this weekend. I was tempted to keep her as I'm still using a dining chair at my sewing table, but as I'm still not sure how I'm going to style the room I've decided I'll take her along and see what happens. If she sells so be it, if not, well she could have a home with me.

 photo vintagechairmakeover2_zpsb9a0918f.jpg

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Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thrifty Thursday - The Desk with a Story and other bits and pieces

I've picked up some great pieces in the last week or so, none more so than this vanity table, that I think will work beautifully as a desk.

 photo vanitydesk2_zps50359c02.jpg

The best pieces come with a story right? I actually bought this one on eBay from someone in Newcastle. He left it out on the verandah for me, as the house was empty ready to be sold and he was at work. So I struggled with this thing up the steep drive way, lifted it into the car and realised that the mirror frame that was still attached on one side was never going to fit in the car.

 photo VanityDesk_zps67d510cd.jpg

Honestly I cried. Harry was chasing a cat he'd discovered in the garden and I couldn't even think. AND I had no chocolate on hand. So I had a bit of a cry there in a street in Broadmeadow over a table.  Of course, there was no way I was leaving this thing behind, so I got myself together and walked over to the next door neighbours front door, little man in hand, and asked to borrow a saw. You should have seen the mans face - a grown woman, teary, with a two year old, asking for a saw! When I started to explain he held his hand up and said 'Yes, I'll see on the driveway'.

So I sawed that thing off, thanked the man profusely, got the desk into my car and headed off. If you follow me on Facebook you'll know that I then went to McDonalds where a brawl ensued amongst a bunch of men over who knows what. Harry thought it was great fun and as each man yelled at the other Harry would yell out random words too. So I inhaled a burger and we left.

 photo goodies_zps95715c3f.jpg

I also picked up a few bits and pieces for me... a lovely old blanket to use as a throw rug now its getting colder, a great cane basket, and a little mirror.

In other news can I share that I am having THE MOST hideous time finding knobs for everything I am working on? I've had three sets delivered so far and all of them I've sent back. IT"S DRIVING ME INSANE!!! Honestly, if I was looking for a business idea that would be it. Or I suppose I could work out how to make my own ceramic ones... but on the bright side, I am LOVING working on this!

 photo sneakpeakchair_zpsf73ac91f.jpg

It's a very obscure photo, but you guys get the idea right???

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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Bar stools - a gaggle? a flock? maybe a pub full?


I've had a bunch of bar stools to work on lately - for some reason I liked them and they were the right price, so I decided to grab them all :)

 photo barstools2_zps3e98f364.jpg

These ones were my first sale at my last market, along with a lovely little green table. I love how the top turned out, rustic and worn, just the way I like it! I was in the process of sanding the old paint off when I decided I like the way they looked just the way they were! The blue and cream underneath looked great with the dark wood, so I smoothed it down and gave it a coat of wax.

 photo barstools_zps67bfc51f.jpg

The next ones started out as a bit of an experiment that didn't go the way I had originally planned, so they've had a makeover and a half. I haven't waxed them yet, as I'm thinking that I'd like them with REALLY heavy distressing. I went with the same walnut stain as the ones above, and the same distressed look for the legs, just in a much brighter colour. Sometimes I need a pop of colour, makes me happy :)

 photo barstools3_zpse67aab38.jpg

I also completely missed Thrifty Thursday last week - I've been running round like a headless chook doing every sort of nothing. Do you ever have those sorts of weeks? Lots of starts but nothing finished. This week I will be better - promise. AND I have a couple of really great finds to share, and my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint project to finish!!!

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Monday, May 6, 2013

Red Chippy Bedside / Side Table

Sometimes things come into my garage and take a LONG time to get made over. Indecision is often the reason (paint colour, style, purpose etc etc), but other times something comes in and I have it painted and finished in 24 hours because I just know. This was one of those.

I really love the cut out on the legs - gives it a little interest and character. The piece is actually a lot heavier than I expected, so I felt the shape could handle a really bold colour. This is Kimono Red :)

The distressing came out so well, I'm really happy with it :) Don't you love it when thinks just work out right?

If you've been wondering, I was devastated to come home on Friday to find that the delivery driver had been to deliver my first ever Annie Sloan Chalk Paint but as I wasn't home, took it away again. ARGH!!! I frantically called, offered to come to the depot, met the driver somewhere, anything, but unfortunately nothing would work. Thank goodness, it arrived today!!

I love the colour chart, so nice to have the colours right here in front of me. I'm really loving all the blues... but first things first! So can you guess what I'll be trying out this week?

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Thursday, May 2, 2013

Thrifty Thursday #18 - A Few Great Finds

I've picked up a few great pieces this week, ready for makeover. I've learned my lesson after last months market day - I need to get in early and finish more pieces than I think I need, in case I sell a few during the month. No more last minute freaking out moments please!

These corner shelves are slightly too pink for my liking, but I think they'd be great with a makeover. I'm torn between going with a bold colour (like yellow) or something more subdued. Stay tuned.

 photo cornershelvesThriftyThursday18_zpsf924ebe6.jpg

I also picked these tiered shelves up this week. I was a little disappointed to see that part of the wood was damaged (which was not noted on the add, nor mentioned when I asked), but I decided to take them anyway and see what I can do. Again, these are still in the 'thinking' stage - I'm tossing up whether to remove the back and cover with fabric or wallpaper, or just remove it all together. We'll see.

 photo tieredshelvesThriftyThursday18_zpsd8b2c180.jpg

The last one is something I picked up just last night. I drove passed it and knowing I couldn't cram it in to my car, raced home to swap cars and cross my fingers it was still there. Lucky for me it was.

 photo threelegsideboardThriftyThursday18_zps21bdb0a7.jpg

I love that it has three legs - at first I thought one was missing and that it was leaning on something else, but no, it's curved round at the end to just one leg and that's just cool. Lots of thinking going on about this one too. I think it would lovely white, distressed with glass pulls.

So, what about you? Had any great finds lately?
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