Friday, July 29, 2011

Pink Polka Dot Dress

I'm loving sewing for summer. With the amount of rain we've had lately, it's so nice to be looking at bright colours and think about the sun.

So with that in mind, I've made another dress for Emma. For this one I followed the Prudent Baby Snappy Toddler Top tutorial, and love the outcome.

 photo pinkdress_zps006f12eb.jpg

My photos don't really do it justice - I often think of getting a new camera and then decide that I don't want to divert my meager craft funds. So these will have to do.

Emma loves it - she's tried it on so many times and we've had many a difficult discussion about taking it off again. It's such a lovely feeling to have someone love what you make them!

 photo pinkdress2_zps1c0e7721.jpg

For a size three I enlarged the pattern by 130%, but if making the size again I'd do 135% just for a bit of extra room. This was the only fiddly bit (I've forgotten how to use a photocopier) but got there in the end!

Something for Harry (sort of) is on the sewing table, but I keep getting side tracked. It's a pram liner - I'm scared of sewing the wading so I keep putting it off, but I promise not to start any more new projects until it is finished!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Beach Ready!

This month I joined a themed sew along on Essential Baby. I lurked last month, when their theme was 'Under the Sea' and the projects the participants completed were fantastic. This month I decided to give it ago, and the theme is 'Family'.

A beach bag was already on the to do list, I even had a pattern ready to go. I also had some very bright Ikea fabric that was perfect.

When I cut out the original pattern, I knew it wouldn't be big enough for four towels, sunscreen, hats and all the other bits and pieces we take to the beach. So I decided to save it for a new nappy bag. Through someone on the sew along I found this tutorial on Elle Apparel which was perfect. And here it is!

 photo beachbag_zps19d91406.jpg

I added a zippered pouch inside for my keys and wallet, which turned out better than I thought, especially given I just made it up as I went along. Feeling a bit special about that part!

 photo beachbag2_zps872622fe.jpg

Now I have to admit that this is one very bright bag! In fact, it will be a perfect marker for when we're swimming - we'll never drift down the beach and wonder where our gear is, we won't be able to miss it!

 photo beachbag3_zps8e54598d.jpg
 But I'm really happy with it - come on summer!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pants for my baby...

Writing this post I am reminded of an important sewing tip - good patterns are amazing, and rare. I found what seemed to be a very simple pattern for a pair of baby yoga pants, but as soon as I began cutting I started to get a bad feeling, and as I started to sew, well, they are just... poorly designed.

It didn't matter what I did, I realise now why pants and shorts have a seam down the front - otherwise they just don't sit right. But sew and learn right? The experience prompted me to buy the Oliver&s pattern from last post, which can only be a good thing!

So here they are.

 photo babypants_zps2c9d57ee.jpg

They are still cute - but I think that the pockets make them. And they weren't part of the pattern, just something I thought would make them look better, and make me feel a bit better about them.

 photo babypants2_zpsdb0cd19c.jpg

And an action shot!

 photo babypants3_zpsd50b5fc2.jpg

By September / October when the weather starts to get warmer they should fit perfectly. So a big lesson learnt this week - will stick to patterns and tutorials that make sense!

Thursday, July 7, 2011

More devine fabric...

Package number two has arrived and once again I'm in sewing heaven. This one is from Sew Mama Sew.

 photo fabric_zps1f764d58.jpg

Included in this package is two patterns, one for me and one for Harry.

 photo fabric2_zpse29de358.jpg

And two lots of fabric... so gorgeous I can't wait to make it up for Emma. I'm planning a set from the Make it Perfect pattern book.

 photo fabric3_zps1ac1e1d9.jpg

I've got to projects 90% complete; a beach bag and a pair of pants for Harry. Hope to finish them this week.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Fabric Frenzy

I may have gone a little bit overboard this month. Three orders from three different online US fabric stores and I'm thinking I may have gotten carried away... but I couldn't help myself! There are just so many gorgeous fabrics around, and when I see a series, or cute boy prints, or an amazing colour, I just can't stop clicking. Thankfully I'd been sitting on some birthday money to fund all these purchases - but it's all for a good cause right?

First to arrive yesterday was my order from Hawthorne Threads. I'd actually made this order after finding the fabric I wanted had sold out at the other two stores.

I just love this series - it's Doohikey Designs, Hoos in the Forest. I'm planning a cupcake dress for Emma from the Make it Perfect pattern book.

 photo fabricfrenzy_zps81215bf4.jpg

And how cool is this!! I see a bowling shirt for Harry...

 photo fabricfrenzy2_zps366fd3e9.jpg

and cargo pants...

 photo fabricfrenzy3_zps5034cadf.jpg

and more shirts?

 photo fabricfrenzy4_zpseb84b603.jpg

Lucky part of one of my orders was an Oliver & S pattern including a shirt and pants for boys. Can't wait for the rest to arrive!
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