Friday, October 28, 2011

Christmas Stockings

I feel like I have a million projects on the go at the moment and nothing finished! I blame pinterest. I just keep finding new projects! But finally today I have something done! Some Christmas Stockings.

 photo christmasstockings_zps295ece61.jpg

These have actually been hanging around for a while. I wanted one for each of us, big enough that I could put chocolate coins in (who doesn't want chocolate coins at Christmas time right?) and small gifts for everyone; I'm thinking matchbox cars for Harry, play jewellery for Emma and coal for Danny ; ). I tried to use things I already had in the stash rather than spending money, though I did spend a little on glitter.

 photo christmasstockings2_zps38f83167.jpg

I made it up as a went along, but I think they turned out great. We usually have silver decorations for Christmas, so I think these should tie in nicely... just wish we had a mantel to hang them from! But, I did find the perfect plank of wood randomly sitting along the side of the house that I could hang them from. Here's hoping Danny doesn't have any plans for it!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Some new vintage loves...

Two special things arrived this week that I had to share...

 photo vintageloves_zps9247d29f.jpg

In the post about my vintage trunk, I mentioned I was looking for a globe. No use dilly dallying, I found one on ebay and snapped him up straight away. I think he'd look great with a larger one beside him, maybe a whole... family (???)... of globes. I can always use Danny being a Geography teacher as an excuse!

And here's my other find...

 photo vintageloves2_zps997b03eb.jpg

I haven't found the perfect spot for her yet, but I'm sure I'll find it. Maybe sitting next to the chair I'm working on at the moment. Bought the paint today, and the fabric is washed and ironed, just need some kid free time to get painting!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Make It Perfect Shorts

I bought this fabric a while ago with the intention of making it into shorts for Harry, but honestly I was too scared to cut into it. It's just so cute, and just right for a little boy (in my opinion!), AND I didn't want to ruin it.

 photo fabricfrenzy3_zps5034cadf.jpg

But I'm so glad I finally did it!

 photo shorts2_zps66ba69f0.jpg

I made a bit of a combination pair of shorts from the Make it Perfect pattern book. I used the 2 in 1 shorts, but didn't make them double sided, and used the Champion Cargo pocket design (the cargos are definitely on the project list for winter, I have corduroy ready and waiting to go!)

 photo shorts3_zps9070b23a.jpg

I love this pattern book - made all the more special because it was a gift. There are so many things on the To Do list from it, even something for me!

Now we just need more of that warm weather!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Coffee Sacks

In the October edition of Real Living magazine they made a wall of vintage coffee sacks. I was in love.
 photo coffeesacks_zpse0705326.png 
Real Living Magazine October

The coffee sacks are from Bev's Remnant House, a small studio in East Redfern with such a variety of fabric, I could have spent hours pottering around. But with two kids in tow you do what you have to do right? Here's mine.

 photo coffeesacks2_zps831b631b.jpg

I love the pop of blue in the room, and at $20, I think these are great value wall art. While I was there I couldn't resist the cushion either...

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vintage Trunk

In the 1960's my Mum came home to Sydney from the UK, ready to pack up her remaining belongings and return to marry the man of her dreams. She'd been working in the university her brother / my uncle was studying in, and fell in love with one of his friends. To make the return trip she bought this trunk, second-hand, and packed all those things that were precious to her, ready to start married life in London.

 photo vintagetrunk_zps7a0e63e0.jpg

The day before she was to leave Australia it all fell apart. Her fiancee called and broke off their relationship, leaving Mum broken hearted... even to this day I know she carries it with her. She kept the trunk, often stowed away dusty and dirty in the garage; from its start in our family as a glory box of sorts (who knows what adventures it had before she bought it), the trunk has also been blanket storage and our childhood dress-up box. I can't tell you how many times my sister or I took everything out and just hid inside it. And now it's sitting in my family room...

 photo vintagetrunk2_zpsf14fac3f.jpg

I've always loved it... even with it's past. It makes me think of traveling the world, or taking opportunities, even love.

 photo vintagetrunk3_zps83a6e814.jpg

I spent ages thinking about what to do with it. Should I paint it? Re-cover it? In the end I decided that less is more, and I gave it a good clean and then painted it with shellac. The polish brings out the colours - I love the honey tone of the 'bones', and the canvas has a greeny-blue undertone that shows its age. It's beaten up and I like it.

I have the perfect setting in mind for this. A vintage globe, maybe an atlas...

I'm doing my first ever link at Primitive and Proper!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vintage Pillow Case Smock

A few weeks ago Mum passed on some old linen she had sitting in one of her cupboards. There were lots of old fitted single bed sheets, which will be great for when we get to night time toilet training, and thinking that was all that was in the bag, I shoved it in the cupboard for another day. Luckily ( that's what i tell myself ;) ) Emma pulled everything out of that cupboard and I found a few pillowcases in the bottom of the bag that were just calling out to be re-purposed.

 photo pillowcasesmock_zpsd29c5302.jpg

I started off making this Raggedy Ann and Andy pillowcase into a dress, but decided it would be even cuter as a top / smock. It's so soft, and the print is so cute; I think this first one is just gorgeous.

  photo pillowcasesmock2_zpsa8780ffc.jpg

I'm thinking about whether to secure the ribbon at the front and back so it doesn't slide around on the ribbon. Not sure... we'll see. I kind of like that I can move the bow to the front of the top or more on the shoulder, which I couldn't do if I secured it. Will have to see what it's like after a trial run wearing it.

 photo pillowcasesmock3_zps1e628215.jpg

So there's another spring project ticked off the list. Now we just need better weather!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Getting Ready for Spring

I finally finished Harry's Oliver & S collared shirt, just in time for Spring. He looks like such a little boy in it, I can't believe it's already been six months!

 photo harryshirt_zpscb9a0429.jpg

(look at those chubba legs!!)

I do love the pattern, though it did challenge me in a couple of areas. The collar - I could have strangled myself with it several times, but it does look good now it's done.

 photo harryshirt2_zps527770be.jpg

And then there were the curved edges. I wasn't sure about these for a boy, and given they were fiddly I wouldn't do it that way again. But again, now its finished, it looks good. I can just see Harry in this and jeans, or some dark grey shorts. And I'm thinking I'll use the pattern for Emma too, in the right fabric I'm sure it would look girly.

I have two other spring sewing items to finish off, hopefully tonight. And then I need to get on with something for me!!!

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