Monday, March 25, 2013

Another Upholstered Ottoman

What a week!! Over the weekend my little boy Harry turned 2... 2! I still can't believe it, I still think of him as my baby and he's such a little boy now! As a result of busy party planning this project was drawn out for what seemed like ages, but I finally have another upholstered ottoman to share :)

These are one of my most popular pieces at markets, and when I saw this coffee table I knew she'd be great - it's that shelf underneath that's the highlight :) It also has a great 'lip' to attach fabric underneath...

 photo ThriftyThursday122_zps80091fe9.jpg

I just love ottomans, but they are completely out of my price range in most instances. So, if you're checking out this post because you'd like to make you're own, I'm going to share a fewer pointers in this post too!

I always paint and finish my base first - I don't want to get paint on my fabric!! Once that's sorted, it's on to the upholstery. I'm no expert by any means, but having done a few now I'm getting the hang of it and am always on the look out for coffee tables that would work well.

 photo AnotherupholsteredOttoman2_zps6170e099.jpg

So, first up grab some cushioning foam. I get mine from Spotlight, but you could go to Clark Rubber too. If you're in the US - well you have so many crafty shops to choose from I'm jealous!! Just make sure you pick up the premium or dense kind. To get the foam into the right shape you might need to get your fabric glue out, or alternatively, your electric knife, or both.

Over the top of my foam I put a layer of wading; it's soft and holds everything together. I don't do fancy corners, I just cut them off so they will sit nicely under my fabric.

 photo thriftythursday164_zpsbb45d6e5.jpg

I know loads of people just use ordinary cotton fabric for upholstery, but honestly if you can pay that little bit extra it's worth it. The fabric holds its shape so much better, and stands up to little people climbing on and off the thing repeatedly! I got this damask from Fab Outdoor Fabrics and it arrived in two days. (In case you're wondering, no it's not a sponsored post, but like to mention great service when I find it!) Of course you need to be careful with a directional fabric, making sure the pattern is straight on top. If it's easier, a plain or multi-directional pattern will mean you won't have to worry so much.

For my corners I like to place the fabric upside down over the top, and pin the corners where I want to sew, remembering tight but not too tight works best. This sometimes takes a few goes to get it perfect, but I think it's worth it. If you don't have a sewing machine, you can always fold the corners like you do when making a bed. You basically end up with a skirt you can slide on and off the top until you get it just right. Once I've got it looking smooth on top I use a staple gun to attach underneath.

 photo AnotherupholsteredOttoman4_zpscb1e2bb3.jpg

I've done a couple of these now, and honestly I think they are so worth the fiddly bits! My first one, pictured above right, was bought by a lady who wanted it for her entry, and the blue geometric pattern was bought by a lady who was going to use it in her bedroom. I'd love one for my lounge room - a tray, magazines and a bit of extra seating... perfect!

What about you -have you made one yourself? Would you give it a go?

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thrifty Thursday #16

I have looked and looked, but I've had such a hard time thrifting this week! I guess I have so much luck lately with finds that it was bound to run out at some stage :) I've noticed a couple of my usual haunts either have raised their prices or seem to be selling junkier junk than usual (stuff even I wouldn't take home!). I have one piece to show you, and I'm warning you, this thing is hideous!!

  photo thriftythursday16_zps9f966116.jpg

Just awful right? I'm hoping to make this one over for Harry, replacing a terrible melamine set that's in his room at the moment. So I went out and bought myself a heat gun and will get cracking soon. I'm hoping to find something decent underneath so I can do a paint / natural wood combo.

I thought I'd also share a few work in progress pictures - just to prove that I have actually been working!!

 photo thriftythursday162_zps7541490b.jpg

This chair is going to be hard to part with. I started this first colour coat last night and I already love it. My quick snaps this morning just don't do it justice - the colour is called shampoo and it's gorgeous!

 photo thriftythursday163_zps6a73b793.jpg

This little table is so cute! I'm still tossing up whether to leave her plain or do some kind of stencil on top...

 photo thriftythursday164_zpsbb45d6e5.jpg

I was almost finished the ottoman when I ran out of staples. So one side is still to be completed. I just love the fabric; I'm thinking I'll make some cushions for myself out of this given my couches are very bare looking!

So, have you had better luck than me this week? Found anything awesome??

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thrifty Thursday #15

The thrift gods were smiling on me this week. Actually, it was one particular day, and one particular school run, when I found two pieces that are just amazing.

 photo canechair_zpsa5298063.jpg

This cane chair might be a little dirty and dingy now, but we can all see potential right?! Every where I look I see these in bright colours with beautiful cushions ( The Block anyone???) and that's what I want for this girl. I think I'm going aqua, but yellow is still playing on my mind.

There were actually two of these beauties, but I couldn't the second one in the car because I'd spied this next gorgeous girl two houses away...

 photo thriftythursday152_zpsaaffb336.jpg

I KNOW!!! Now she isn't perfect, but I don't think the imperfections take away from the overall effect... I still have yellow on the brain and think she might be gorgeous in yellow. Or hot pink. Yes, I'm a very decisive woman :) The photo isn't great - it's just been one of those weeks where everything seems to be all over the place, and I haven't taken another one.

Are you a fan of cane? What colours are on your mind???

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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Retro Bedsides - Ombre / Colour Block, Call it what you like!

A few weeks ago I picked up these great bedside tables at my local op shop...

 photo retrobedsides_zps00aac102.jpg

I seem to be attracted to orange furniture :) It is just every where round me, op shops, on  the road side... even in my home! Anyway, I loved the shape of the draws and new they'd perfect for an ombre kind of treatment, but with a little twist.

 photo retrobedsides2_zpsbd5668a7.jpg

I have to tell you that I was originally planning to use the blue as the bottom colour and graduate the colour up. But when I painted it that first draw I wasn't convinced. So then I painted the grey, and the same thing happened. I was kind of annoyed when I painted the black one, but when I put them together it worked! Happy accident I guess!

 photo retrobedsides3_zpsc628dd2c.jpg

These say boys room to me, but of course you could use them anywhere. I'm really tempted to sell one and keep the other for Harry, given my little man doesn't have a whole lot going on in his bedroom just yet (in case you're wondering, he's 2. I know, he will have some kind of decorated room by the time he's 5, promise!)

I have another ombre project on the go at the moment, I'm on a bit of a roll wit it ;)

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