Sunday, August 14, 2011

Pram Liner

This project has been floating around for a while. First I was scared to cut into my gorgeous fabric. Then I couldn't dye the chenille quite the right colour. Then I didn't want to sew the slots for the straps in case I made a mistake. This went on and on. For weeks.

But finally I decided to just get the hell on with it. Or it might have been the pile of other projects calling my name. Or seeing Harry lying in the pram and thinking how uncomfortable it must be without anything snuggly to cuddle into.

And here it is.

 photo pramliner_zpsad5fdd49.jpg

There are things I would do differently next time. For starters this project introduced me to the walking foot for my sewing machine... who knew? Obviously lots of people, but I didn't. But once I did it made things a whole lot easier.

 photo pramliner2_zps248eecd7.jpg

I would have made it longer so the pram brand isn't sticking out. And I need lots more practice to get the button hole style slots right.

I must admit that I'm also getting a little side tracked at the moment by thoughts of home improvement and decorating. My next project should be a shirt for Harry but there are a few pieces of second hand furniture waiting in the wings for a make over...
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