Monday, April 15, 2013

Pale Pink Ombre Drawers

 photo pinkombredrawers_zps86534adc.jpg

After posting about my daughters ombre drawers I had such a great response, and so many offers to buy them, that I knew I wanted try it out again when I found the right set of drawers. It seems to be such a great way to inject colour into a bedroom, and great for a little girls room who is dying to having everything pink!

So when I found this set I thought they'd be perfect! They are a great size, particularly if you're working with a small bedroom, and could even be used as a bedside table.

 photo pinkombredrawers2_zps50fdbefd.jpg

I went very pale with this set; I find pink can be over powering (even though my little girl would love it), and since the set is smaller I decided to go with it. I already had the pink for the bottom drawer and worked up from there. I found it SO hard today to get good pictures, but there is a gradient there I promise!!

 photo pinkombredrawers3_zpsb8940cf7.jpg

If you're thinking about trying out ombre for yourself, it really is easier than I thought. I poured my pink paint into a plastic container for each drawer, so four in my case (I always keep the chinese takeaway containers or anything similar for just this purpose). For me it was then just a matter of pouring white in until I got the shade I wanted. I set them all up next to each other so I could see the graduating colour and make sure that nothing was too similar.

 photo pinkombredrawers4_zpsc923ded1.jpg

Emma was convinced that as these were pink they must be for her. When I left the room during photographing them I came back to find her putting things in the drawers! But I'm getting ready for the Avoca Beachside Markets and these are going along with me. Emma will have to make do with hers for the time being :)

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  1. so amazing job you have done on these draws.
    Bec x

  2. oh i love how these turned out! the masculine shape paired with the sweet feminine colors is a wonderful marriage! love!

  3. They look lovely, I have been meaning to do some ombre drawers!

  4. So pretty Catherine!! Thank you for sharing with us at the Pretty Things link party at twelveOeight this week! Hope you can join me again tonight for another great party :)

    xo, Tanya


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