Thursday, April 11, 2013

Thrifty Thursday #17

Hello there! I was thinking my thrifty luck had all but run out over the last week or so, as I'd visited op shops, bid at auction and drove past junk piles and found nothing! Literally nothing. I was beginning to think I had used up all my luck on the cane pieces I found, and shared here, when I finally found this...

 photo ThriftyThursday17_zps2377b3d8.jpg

I'm planning to turn this into a small foot stool... can you see it? A base, foam and fabric and this will be gorgeous!

And as I was thinking about how terrible my luck has been I remembered that I hadn't shared all the chairs I picked up a week ago from a lady who lives just near me. She had plans to make them over and just hadn't gotten round to it.

 photo ThriftyThursday172_zpse19e3d14.jpg

This armchair has a case of the wobbles, but she'll be worth it. I do like her in white, so will repaint her that way, but think about something geometric for the seat.

 photo ThriftyThursday173_zpsefbb58cb.jpg

The lady I visited even threw in the stools for free because she just wanted them gone. I mentioned on Instagram (you can find me at paisleyvintage) that I needed to find a way to hide six chairs from my husband... well I almost got away with it but of course stumbled at the last moment by responding too quickly with an offer to get something for him from the garage! He knows me too well - I was settled on the lounge with a drink, dessert and blogs and then I suddenly jumped out of my seat to find him a tape measure. Will have to work on that for next time :)

 photo ThriftyThursday174_zpsd88f4176.jpg

This childs chair is so cute, but the dark colour doesn't exactly scream children to me.

 photo ThriftyThursday175_zpsf0ab8a8f.jpg

I need to keep one chair for myself, as I still don't have a chair for my sewing table and have to drag a dining chair in every time. I'm tossing up whether to take one of these to redo, or not. We'll see.

 photo ThriftyThursday176_zps5f0d526c.jpg

The last one was picked up by the very same lovely friend who found the Pacific Lagoon side table I made over here. It's another one I'm considering for my sewing table because I love that big cushiony seat!

So I guess after all that I haven't really had that much bad luck after all. Loads of chairs to get stuck in to, and looking through fabric which I always love.

Thanks for stopping by...


  1. I would say Luck is on your side!!!! Im just saying :)

  2. ha ha! love the story about your husband! :) i can relate!
    and i love that child's chair- can't wait to see what you do to it!


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