Thursday, March 14, 2013

Thrifty Thursday #15

The thrift gods were smiling on me this week. Actually, it was one particular day, and one particular school run, when I found two pieces that are just amazing.

 photo canechair_zpsa5298063.jpg

This cane chair might be a little dirty and dingy now, but we can all see potential right?! Every where I look I see these in bright colours with beautiful cushions ( The Block anyone???) and that's what I want for this girl. I think I'm going aqua, but yellow is still playing on my mind.

There were actually two of these beauties, but I couldn't the second one in the car because I'd spied this next gorgeous girl two houses away...

 photo thriftythursday152_zpsaaffb336.jpg

I KNOW!!! Now she isn't perfect, but I don't think the imperfections take away from the overall effect... I still have yellow on the brain and think she might be gorgeous in yellow. Or hot pink. Yes, I'm a very decisive woman :) The photo isn't great - it's just been one of those weeks where everything seems to be all over the place, and I haven't taken another one.

Are you a fan of cane? What colours are on your mind???

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  1. Great finds!!
    As soon as I saw the chair I thought of The Block!

  2. Oh awesome!!! Love them both, what luck you've had lately!!
    I think they're both begging for bright and bold aren't they?! Have fun!!!

  3. I agree with Courtney, Dont hold back on these GO all out! Go BOLD. (hehe)


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