Saturday, January 19, 2013

Weekend Wanderings - So I Finally Joined Instagram!

 photo instagram_zpsb76d8e78.jpg

I'm not an early adopter. I know this about myself, and I can accept it. Actually it makes me smile a little :) So while loads of people have been experiencing the fun of Instagram, I was thinking that I couldn't possibly add another piece of social media to the mix. I mean, when was I supposed to talk to my husband???

Then I got over it...

 photo instgram2_zps2d27e4c4.jpg

There's so much to love - there's the sharing, the inspiration, the getting into the habit of looking around and seeing those little things to capture, and of course, the ability for people to take photos of great finds at op shops and let me know so I can run out and get them :)

 photo instagram3_zpsb2dba7d2.jpg

I was even able to hook up a friend with the cane bedhead that she'd been looking for - something I just so happened to have in my garage. I took the picture via Instagram, tagged her and it was sold! She's since painted it a gorgeous sunshine yellow and it's just beautiful.

My instagram photos are a combination of what I'm doing, feeling and working on. Landscapes, old doors, great finds and crazy small people.

 photo instagram4_zpsfbbb1c2d.jpg

So are you on Instagram? If you are I'd love you to share your name below so I can follow along, and I'd love you to follow me too :) I'm Paisley Vintage!

Thanks for stopping by...


  1. I am still back in the dark ages with my phone- so no instagram for me yet! Fab photos BTW!

  2. It is fun isn't it?!! Love seeing what you're working on ;-)


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