Sunday, May 29, 2011

And after that short break...

I was beginning to think that starting a craft blog when I was about to have a second child and thinking I'd be able to maintain it, was an impossible goal... not that I'm completely convinced otherwise, but at least I have an update! In between cuddles, feeds and playing with Emma and Harry I managed a new winter dress for Emma.

 photo winterdress_zpsa86216c6.jpg

I've had the pink cord for a little while, and heaps of it, and was always planning a dress for Emma, I just couldn't decide on the style. I finally picked the jumper from One Metre Wonders by Rebecca Yaker and Patricia Hoskins.

 photo winterdress2_zps3bfa8f2e.jpg

I think the pattern is better suited to lightweight fabrics, but I'm happy with the result. At Mum's suggestion I added some pin tucks across the bottom, which I think looks great when I've used a solid colour fabric.

I've started on the next project... I've decided if I start on winter items now hopefully I'll have a few things ready before the season starts! so hopefully the next update won't be too far off.

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