Saturday, July 7, 2012

My DIY Phone Case

Being completely frustrated about not having finished anything, I decided to knock over a small project whilst Danny was out and Emma and Harry were asleep.

 photo DIYPhoneCase_zps57825c57.jpg

I've seen these floating around, and thought I could have a go myself. If you're making one you'll need two pieces of coodinating fabric, a small hair elastic and a button. Here's how I did it...

I started with four rectangles; two cut from each of my chosen fabrics (one lot for inside one for outside). To get the right size I placed my phone on the material and allowed about half an inch around. You want to be generous - you can't get it back once it's cut off!

 photo DIYPhoneCase2_zps5ec1af4a.jpg

I made both into a pouch, leaving one of the short ends open on each. I started with a quarter inch seam, and then came in a little till it was the size I wanted. I checked and double checked the size before trimming the seam and cutting across the corners. The pouch needs to be snug, but easy enough for you to get your phone in and out in a hurry!

Once you have your two pouches, turn your outer fabric right way out. Turn a small hem on your inner fabric (check the size by putting your phone in) - you should have two pieces that look like this...

 photo DIYPhoneCase3_zps5b79fba5.jpg

Then tuck your inner fabric inside the outer, as in the pic below.

 photo DIYPhoneCase4_zpsc472f998.jpg

For a closure I used a small hair elastic and a button I already had. I pinned the elastic in at the back, then sewed around the top about a quarter of an inch from the edge. I sewed the button on at the top, and ta da!!!

 photo DIYPhoneCase5_zpsfc386eff.jpg

Something finished!! Now that feels better!

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  1. That looks so cool...and easy too!! Great job Catherine!!
    I know how you feel about getting projects finished. Having a blog tends to put pressure on - in a good way, to get things done! X

  2. Super cute!Thanks so much for sharing the great tutorial!I'll try make one. Would love to have you visit me sometime.
    Have a fabulous week!
    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft


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