Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Fathers Day - Freezer Paper Tees

This year for Father's Day we were on a tight budget. I mean really tight (I am also harboring a tiny grudge from Mothers Day, but that's another story ;) ).

So for Father's Day, I made Emma and Harry some Dad love t-shirts and photographed them wearing them. The photo-shoot was hilarious (read : insanely difficult) - when one smiled the other frowned (or worse still cried), so they got individual photos instead. I framed the photos for Danny to put on his desk at work.

 photo fathersday_zps6cd9b927.jpg

Freezer paper t-shirts are so easy! I followed this tut, though there are a million around.

 photo fathersday2_zpsa61f42cf.jpg

  It was so cute seeing them in their t-shirts on Sunday morning. I have two more cut and ready for 'painting', I just need five minutes!

My other project for Father's Day was something I salvaged that relates to my Dad. I have a post about it in draft, I'm just waiting to get the perfect 'after' photo. It's taken up most of my time - I've never done anything like it before, but I have to admit that I have caught the bug and there are other projects like it just waiting for me in the garage!

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