Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thrifty Thursday #9 - OP Shop Finds this week

I'm an op shopper. Where once I felt slightly weirded out by them, and their smell, now I love them. I will absolutely stop for one anytime anywhere. Well, there is one condition. If I have Emma and Harry are with me them it all depends on where we are on the crazy metre. That's life with kids isn't it? If they're past it I remember to come back later.

So this week I've had quite a few finds I'm a bit chuffed with...

 photo ThriftyThursday9_zpsfb26d887.jpg

So obviously I got stuck into this one straight away :). The 'before' is in the top right corner. As soon as I saw the mirror I grabbed her and did the happy dance down to the counter. She's now a pale blue / grey colour and her details stand out beautifully!

Just before closing time I also popped into one of my locals over the weekend. I didn't really think they'd have anything, but I couldn't drive on past. Thank goodness I went in, because this is what I found...

 photo RecordCabinet2_zps13268411.jpg

The record cabinet is just fantastic (though there were some splits in the top, but who could pass this up!!) They had it marked as a filing cabinet but I was sure records would fit. Thankfully DK has some lying around - The Clash for goodness sake!! but I did see an Abba in there :)

 photo ThriftyThursday93_zpsb106ec0c.jpg

I think someone would have used these as a set, even thought they don't quite match. I LOVE finding matching bedsides because I hardly ever do, and I love their style. I'm half tempted to do some kind of ombre, but will sit with it for a little while and see what 'happens'.

I must admit that this caused complete insanity amongst my little group (we were already close in all honesty). Having to stand around while I make a purchase was not on the agenda for my small people, and eventually I had to let both pick up a toy or two to look at while they waited. Emma was fine when asked to put them back but not Harry. No. Crying ensued. When we finally got out of there I had to go straight to one of those supermarket ride on thingys to let them calm down and get it out of their system. SO, we had one princess, one child playing a broken Wiggles piano and one tired Mummy. It looked like this...

 photo ThriftyThursday94_zps06789aea.jpg

Poor Harry got cut out of the photo (I think I may have been leaning a little to one side by this stage) but you can see the thing he's holding onto. The fourth Wiggle is missing (for anyone who knows the Wiggles, it's the yellow one, how funny is that!). Three days later someone else was finally allowed to touch that thing. 

BUT it was worth it :)

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  1. ha ha! the things we will do to get our thrift shopping done! :) love the mirror- sooo pretty!

  2. Love the mirror, can definitely see those drawers in an ombre!

  3. I've totally been there. In fact I'm long overdue for some serious op shopping due to the school holidays. Love your finds......;O)
    Tania xx

  4. The ombre idea sounds great and I LOVE the mirror! I'm a relative newcomer to op shoppping and so far have found some smell better than others (I think the smaller ones are the worst)!

  5. Haha!! Sounds just like my op shopping venture this morning!! But I did not find anything cool like you did;-)
    It's funny isn't it, sometimes you know straight away what you'll do to a piece and other times its not until weeks(or months!) when you look at at with fresh eyes and the idea hits you!!

  6. I can't wait to see the end results. What great buys. Rachel x

  7. hi Catherine....I love that mirror!...all your finds are little one has worked out that if she plays up enough the lovely old ladies in the oppie usually let her choose a toy from the lucky dip box....the back of the car is now full of happy meal toys!
    Allison x

  8. Totally understand your thrifting urge... Looking forward to seeing what you do with your cupboards. Rachael


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