Thursday, January 24, 2013

Thrifty Thursday #8

Last week Mum found this on the side of the road...

 photo ThriftyThursdays8_zps1dea0f5f.jpg

I KNOW!! Can you believe someone was throwing this away!! She's is in need of a huge overhaul, there are cracks, dings and broken bits, but that shape is enough to help me look past all her flaws. The cut outs on the shelves are beautiful.

 photo Thriftythursday82_zpsf5a7f550.jpg

 There are some fairly serious issues going on with the table top, so I'm yet to work out what to do with her, but isn't it nice to look at?? When I pulled the little draw out (it's sitting on the table top in the very first picture) a million ants came scurrying out (well, it felt like a million) but that's nothing a little spray won't fix!

 photo ThriftyThursday83_zps27b8a772.jpg

I also visited a some local op shops this week, and came up with the globite suitcase above and the retro stool below. The suitcase is in great condition, though the inside needs a little love, and the stool is a perfect small project to reupholster. I've seen some great stools covered with retro tea towels which are definitely sparking my thoughts for this one.

 photo ThriftyThursday84_zpsbc3c9e74.jpg

So what about you? Found anything fantastic this week?

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  1. who throws that away?!?!?! seriously people! i can't wait to see you work your magic on it!

  2. these are amazing finds...I just adore the desk, can't wait to see what you do with them. I found 2 similar foot stools at the local tip and 4 dirctors chairs which I've already made a start on and can't wait to post the finish product.
    have a great day.
    Bec x

  3. Great pieces, nothing like something sitting on the side of a road find!

  4. Can't even imagine throwing that away - what could they have been thinking?
    What a gorgeous little desk already - can't wait to too what you do with it!!!

  5. You do find some cool stuff!! What issues are there with the desk top? It's a beauty:-)

  6. That desk is gorgeous. Can't wAit to see The after.


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