Monday, January 28, 2013

An Art Deco Table

When I first started re-finishing furniture I kind of kept it a secret. I just did little things and put them on eBay and hoped they'd sell. I didn't blog them, and I certainly didn't link them on anyone else's page! As I got my confidence a little I started telling people, and then one day one of DK's friends gave me this...

 photo artdecotable_zps989f7f12.jpg

And it stayed that way for a long time. For some reason I had decided it was an super duper special piece and I didn't think I was quite ready for it. Despite the fact there was coloured hand writing on the table top and pieces had broken off. I tackled loads of others things but this table stayed in the garage.

 photo artdecotable2_zps09cae9d6.jpg

Then I got over it. I have NO IDEA what I was worried about. I was not nearly as difficult as I had convinced myself. I mean, I have sanded down a few pieces in my time, and painted a few, so what on earth was I worried about?? Who knows.

 photo artdecotable3_zps229b995b.jpg

I've always liked two tone and this style of table seemed to be perfect for it. The black pieces were already a dark wood, so painting them black wasn't covering anything pretty. There was no way I could paint over the table top - it just seemed like I keeper :)

 photo artdecosidetable3_zps7a47aa0a.jpg

DK's friend could hardly believe the transformation! Its been a miserable few days here and I was lucky that my sister snapped a few pics before it was entirely too dark to see the details. Seems like Australia is having terrible weather all round, but none more so than our Queenslanders. So anyone reading from Queensland - I hope you and your family are safe.

To me art deco pieces have a very distinct style, and looking at the colour wall at Bunnings I just couldn't imagine using anything but black for this piece. What about you? Do you have art deco pieces at home? What do you think of the two tone?

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  1. it looks beautiful and i think black was the perfect choice- that top really stands out now! it is not something you would find in my own home, but i can appreciate its beauty for sure!

  2. hi Catherine, well done, the wood on the top is to die for. so beautiful. great choice to leave it unpainted. hope you are surviving this rain!
    cheers Fiona

  3. Looks fabulous now!
    I have been given an art deco cupboard, but it doesn't have any pretty wood, just this fake paint that is supposed to look like wood- I am going black on the inside and red on the outside- but I need to do some work on the chipped bits first.
    PS we are now flooded in!

  4. Yes, black is just perfect. Some pieces take a while to psyche yourself up for, don't they! You did a fantastic job Catherine :)

  5. Wow, what a big change! I love some of your other projects too - that ombre dresser is amazing!
    Would love if you came and linked up with us at the Humble Brag. We give away free ad space every week!


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