Thursday, January 10, 2013

Thrifty Thursday #6 - Vintage Fabric

Thrifty Thursday is back for 2013 with a new love - vintage fabric! I just love the colour and pattern - doesn't it just make you smile??

 photo thriftythursday6fabric_zps1ee61130.jpg

My first foray into vintage fabric was via this little number... a tunic for Emma. She had just turned 2 in this picture - it seems so long ago!

 photo thriftythursday6fabric2_zps1a4add66.jpg

Mum had produced a sealed packet of single bed sheets, pristine and beautiful, and asked if I wanted them or should she just donate them. Was she serious!! I still have one and probably a half sheet left in this and I still love it. I keep thinking I should make myself a kind of shift dress from this one, it's got a real body to it even after washing... maybe one day!!!

 photo thriftythursday6fabric3_zpsada2ea6b.jpg

This doona cover was something I picked up at an Op Shop / Thrift Store just near me, and it's completely gorgeous. Turning it inside out I could tell it had been lovingly turned into the cover by someone and I just love it in Emma's room. The yellow floral is so lovely and I was so surprised to find it in perfect condition - the things people throw away!!

 photo thriftythursday64_zps242067aa.jpg

Of course, I can't talk about vintage fabric without showing off my market stall sign! A Beautiful Mess has a really easy to follow tutorial for covering suitcases if it's something you'd like to try. I practiced on a case that I wouldn't be heart broken over if it didn't work out - I was scared the glue would show through and I'd be devastated. Lucky for me it worked out fine and now I have a pretty unique piece of advertising!

 photo thriftythursday65_zps3b9ee15a.jpg

I don't have a big stash, but the one on the top is my absolute favourite! I haven't decided what I will do with it, at the moment it just sits on my desk looking pretty ;)

 photo thriftythursday66_zps62a5ff41.jpg

I've also saved a few tea towels from Op Shops / Thrift Stores and made them into cushions for a bit of retro kitsch. I think the colours are just gorgeous!

If you're in the market for some vintage fabric I recently met Skye, the lovely person behind Sorry Grandma. This girl has a fabric stash to die for; it was quite literally like something from Pinterest, all beautifully folded and colour sorted, just beautiful. She has regular sales on Facebook and it's definitely worth a look!

 photo thriftythursday67_zps917fda76.jpg

So tell me, what have you found this week?


  1. love it all!!!! love emm's tunic, love her bedding, love your pillows!!!!! floral vintage fabric is bliss!

  2. Love vintage sheets, I have a fair few and pretty much just use them for covering chairs that I'm transporting. Sad I know. If I was a sewer I'd have whipped up a few dresses for the girls too but...I'm not. I suffer through sewing for upholstery when I have to. I'd much rather pay someone else to do it tho;-)

  3. Love vintage sheets , I love a double to use on my kitchen table as it is too big for regular tablecloths, I need to make some cushions too!

  4. I love your fabric, especially that one on the bed. So pretty!

  5. I love vintage fabrics too. I have many of them, but haven´t made many things using them even when I have some projects in mind. I am new to your blog and it´s fantastic, I will follow you


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