Friday, August 16, 2013

Thirfty Thursday - an easy white board project

Let's for a moment pretend that today is Thursday... do you mind? It's been one of those weeks ;) And you'll understand why at the end of the post...

A couple of nights before my last market I was looking at a sad old picture frame in my hoard and suddenly thought it was the perfect size and shape for a whiteboard. In particular, a white board to use in the kitchen for your shopping list. That first one sold quickly and I had loads of inquiries, so here I am making another, and sharing it with you too. It's SO simple to make but looks great!

 photo whiteboardproject5_zpsc762b053.jpg

For me the key is getting the right frame. Funnily enough, this is the second Libra starsign frame I've found at an op shop, same size same shape. I guess all the Libras on the Central Coast are doing a clean out ;) I paid $10, which I thought was Ok but if you look around you could probably find something for $5.

  photo whiteboardproject_zps560b1a7a.jpg

I simply pulled the poster from the backing board, but it really isn't necessary, you could just stick your fabric over the top. For me, the fabric is really what makes it. Something with a pattern is great, but not too fussy that you can't see what's written on the glass. Use colour, but nothing too dark unless you have a white texta (hmmm I might need to try that!).


Be careful to stick your fabric down flat, otherwise you'll see ripples through your glass. And don't forget to give your glass a good clean - I thought I was all done then when I turned the frame over there was a big black spec on the glass that would have just driven me insane!


I wanted my frame to look worn and weathered, so I gave it just one coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Pure White before waxing.

Of course you could use it as a to do list in a study or instead of a chalk board in a children's play room (who else hates the chalk dust everywhere???) Whatever you use it for, it's a cheap project and something that looks great too!

So - have you worked out why this post was late and things went wrong.... do you guess from that very first picture? Or can you see it in this last picture???

 photo whiteboardproject4_zps18fe82c6.jpg

Yep. Sums it up really. I was rushing to get it done and feeling just generally frustrated and annoyed with other events of the day, and I broke the glass. ARGH!!!!! Lucky for me I have chocolate.... and chalk board paint ;) I was going to just let the project go and then thought I'd share anyway - project fails happen to all of us right??

Hope you've had a bit more luck with your projects this week!! Thanks for stopping by...


  1. What a great idea - especially for a childs room! And yes we all have 'failures/mistakes' - sometimes they lead to bigger and better!!!

  2. Hahaha!! Sorry...I've gotta's soo something I would do/have done!! It'll look fab as a chalkboard too ;-)

  3. Looks awesome! Just remove the broken glass, staple some wire/string/ribbon multiple times across the frame, and use mini pegs to clip things on. I made a similar one (using patterned wrapping paper) after I broke the glass in a frame. We use it to hang photos, the kids class awards, invitations etc. And it looks great on the wall! :)

  4. Looks great!
    Did you know you can buy dustless chalk? I hate all the chalk dust too!

  5. What a great idea shame about the broken glass though.I just to do craft shows around NSW and would leave it to the last minute to make my goods there would always be somesort of accident but luckily there was always someway to fix it-love dee x

  6. looks great, love the fabric idea!

  7. don't worry Catherine, I had people here buying that graphite chest of drawers the other night when they pointed out the bottom drawer runner was missing. I'd totally overlooked it. I was embarrassed but they were lovely. Anyway they bought it but didn't take it and I have spent about two hours today working a replacement (as they don't sell them any more). worst was I then chipped the bottom drawer and had to fill the chip and repaint the drawer! hopefully your (and mine) weekend improves.

  8. What a great idea. Even I could do something that loosely resembled that.

  9. It looks great. Love the white wash frame.


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