Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Vintage Pillow Case Smock

A few weeks ago Mum passed on some old linen she had sitting in one of her cupboards. There were lots of old fitted single bed sheets, which will be great for when we get to night time toilet training, and thinking that was all that was in the bag, I shoved it in the cupboard for another day. Luckily ( that's what i tell myself ;) ) Emma pulled everything out of that cupboard and I found a few pillowcases in the bottom of the bag that were just calling out to be re-purposed.

 photo pillowcasesmock_zpsd29c5302.jpg

I started off making this Raggedy Ann and Andy pillowcase into a dress, but decided it would be even cuter as a top / smock. It's so soft, and the print is so cute; I think this first one is just gorgeous.

  photo pillowcasesmock2_zpsa8780ffc.jpg

I'm thinking about whether to secure the ribbon at the front and back so it doesn't slide around on the ribbon. Not sure... we'll see. I kind of like that I can move the bow to the front of the top or more on the shoulder, which I couldn't do if I secured it. Will have to see what it's like after a trial run wearing it.

 photo pillowcasesmock3_zps1e628215.jpg

So there's another spring project ticked off the list. Now we just need better weather!

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