Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Make It Perfect Shorts

I bought this fabric a while ago with the intention of making it into shorts for Harry, but honestly I was too scared to cut into it. It's just so cute, and just right for a little boy (in my opinion!), AND I didn't want to ruin it.

 photo fabricfrenzy3_zps5034cadf.jpg

But I'm so glad I finally did it!

 photo shorts2_zps66ba69f0.jpg

I made a bit of a combination pair of shorts from the Make it Perfect pattern book. I used the 2 in 1 shorts, but didn't make them double sided, and used the Champion Cargo pocket design (the cargos are definitely on the project list for winter, I have corduroy ready and waiting to go!)

 photo shorts3_zps9070b23a.jpg

I love this pattern book - made all the more special because it was a gift. There are so many things on the To Do list from it, even something for me!

Now we just need more of that warm weather!

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  1. The fabric is gorgeous, the grey is grown up but cute all at the same time :)


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