Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pants for my baby...

Writing this post I am reminded of an important sewing tip - good patterns are amazing, and rare. I found what seemed to be a very simple pattern for a pair of baby yoga pants, but as soon as I began cutting I started to get a bad feeling, and as I started to sew, well, they are just... poorly designed.

It didn't matter what I did, I realise now why pants and shorts have a seam down the front - otherwise they just don't sit right. But sew and learn right? The experience prompted me to buy the Oliver&s pattern from last post, which can only be a good thing!

So here they are.

 photo babypants_zps2c9d57ee.jpg

They are still cute - but I think that the pockets make them. And they weren't part of the pattern, just something I thought would make them look better, and make me feel a bit better about them.

 photo babypants2_zpsdb0cd19c.jpg

And an action shot!

 photo babypants3_zpsd50b5fc2.jpg

By September / October when the weather starts to get warmer they should fit perfectly. So a big lesson learnt this week - will stick to patterns and tutorials that make sense!

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