Monday, July 11, 2011

Beach Ready!

This month I joined a themed sew along on Essential Baby. I lurked last month, when their theme was 'Under the Sea' and the projects the participants completed were fantastic. This month I decided to give it ago, and the theme is 'Family'.

A beach bag was already on the to do list, I even had a pattern ready to go. I also had some very bright Ikea fabric that was perfect.

When I cut out the original pattern, I knew it wouldn't be big enough for four towels, sunscreen, hats and all the other bits and pieces we take to the beach. So I decided to save it for a new nappy bag. Through someone on the sew along I found this tutorial on Elle Apparel which was perfect. And here it is!

 photo beachbag_zps19d91406.jpg

I added a zippered pouch inside for my keys and wallet, which turned out better than I thought, especially given I just made it up as I went along. Feeling a bit special about that part!

 photo beachbag2_zps872622fe.jpg

Now I have to admit that this is one very bright bag! In fact, it will be a perfect marker for when we're swimming - we'll never drift down the beach and wonder where our gear is, we won't be able to miss it!

 photo beachbag3_zps8e54598d.jpg
 But I'm really happy with it - come on summer!

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  1. Love the fabric - great colours and pattern. You have been very busy!


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