Thursday, July 25, 2013

Side Table Love

It's not really a secret around here that I like blue. Or that I liked distressed. So this girl really is a no brainer...

 photo DuckEggSideTable_zpsa4c25b3f.jpg

I just can't help myself. I look at all the lovely colours available, even the ones I have on my shelf, and still I go back to blue. And if I wanted shiny new looking I could get it from a shop - give me a bit of character any day!

 photo duckeggsidetable2_zpscc832371.jpg

I picked this girl up from the auction house near me, and she's actually been sitting raw in my lounge room for a month or so. But as I'm getting ready for Avoca Beachside Markets, and also had to clear everything from the house while the bamboo floors were laid, it was finally her turn to get a makeover. As much as I like her I've decided to take her to the market.

 photo duckeggsidetable3_zps1872834c.jpg

I'm other news I've decided only to do the market four times a year. I just can't get enough stock ready to do it every month, and while my sister never complains, asking her to come up from Sydney every month to help me is hard. We do have a lovely day, and get to meet loads of people, but it's hard going without a truck and while my children are small. And it's so cold in the garage during winter!!! Last night I got all organised, took one step into the garage and raced back inside and in front of the heater! Things may change next year when Harry is at pre-school two days a week, but for now I'm looking at two more market dates for the rest of the year. You can always find pieces for sale here, or on my Facebook page.

One day when I have a shop (just putting it out there, because you know, you never know!) I will have a studio attached that is nice and warm and I can work there and show finished pieces and have a crafty painty kind of group... and a million other things. One day.

 photo duckeggsidetable4_zpsaf75a665.jpg

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  1. You seem to get so much done......I don't know how you do it??? T xx

  2. i love those legs! so curvy and pretty!! and you know i love blue and distressed, too!

  3. Love it, I'm a sucker for blue too. Even when I flirt with other colours, I always come back to blue :)
    Good luck with the markets, hope it goes well

  4. What a cute table. Love the color. I'm s blue person too.

  5. It's gorgeous Catherine, and I love that bookcase behind it, yes, wooden, just as it is (is it on your hit list?)

    Good for you for scaling back the markets, I know how much hard work they are, and with little kids, real hard! Mine often have to come with me as my husband has to work every 2nd Saturday morning, and they always seem to fall on market days. Your shop and paint class dreams sound just like day!

    xx Karen

  6. Not really a sucker for blue in my house, but in everyone elses it looks amazing. I love the distressed effect you put on it also.

  7. hi Catherine, no wonder your little table sold quickly. And I know what you mean about markets - I couldn't imagine lugging all my furniture to a market. But good for you! You and me both with wanting the studio and shop! Thanks for linking to my paint parade -sorry about last week, I've been MIA!
    cheers Fiona


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