Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Aubusson Blue Desk

This last week or so has been crazy. Getting our floors leveled and new bamboo flooring laid was always going to be a big project, but even with school holidays (so my husband was home throughout) living on the cement slab, or the newly poured cement, has been a 'challenge'. A five day project became six days and counting as it's still unfinished. I have no doubt it will get finished, given we haven't paid for installation yet, but it feels like it's dragged on FOR EVER!! Hopefully Thursday will bring an end. In the meantime...

 photo floors_zps73742ed9.jpg
 photo floors2_zpsdb7985c6.jpg

So what I have actually finished is this Aubusson Blue Desk :) I picked up this Annie Sloan colour by mistake - in my rush and crazy kid wrangling I was intending to get Napoleon Blue but came home with this one instead. And I'm so happy I did... it must have been meant to be.

 photo aubussonbluedesk_zps9b3bc12e.jpg

After spending a bit of time sanding the table top I decided I loved the grain and wanted to let it show through, but avoid any kind of orange pine reference (it's probably becoming a phobia). So I used a very light white wash (made using my Annie Sloan Pure White). I think it gives it quite an aged look with I love.

 photo aubussonbluedesk5_zpsb202b37a.jpg

The knobs I've had for ages - purchased online for a writing table that they just weren't right for. I think the bleached white colour looks great against the blue, and I love the floral piece on top.

 photo aubussonbluedesk3_zps8335d89d.jpg

One of my Facebook friends suggested this would be perfect for extra kitchen bench space and I agree - very farmhouse kitchen in my mind. She's very lightly distressed, just enough to show  contrast.

  photo aubussonbluedesk2_zpsfd62e8bf.jpg

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  1. we are looking into bamboo flooring at the moment...is it great?...the desk is so sweet.
    so happy to be back to visit your lovely blog after a mnth of no internet.
    Bec x

  2. Oh your floors look gorgeous!! fingers crossed they're finished soon! you must be ready to pull your hair out.
    love, love the table and colour!! my first thought too was it'd be awesome as a kitchen bench. plonk some baskets underneath for storage, whack a couple of tolix stools around...perfect!
    i've been wanting to try the white wash 'paint in the wax' trick ever since I read about it. i've now run out of old white so it won't be happening anytime soon, but it looks like it works nicely. i need to see a close up!! i can see its def pale and looks nice and textured.
    beautiful work as always! xx

  3. woohoo you went with whitewash and doesnt it look awesome...I knew it would!

    xx Karen

  4. love the desk and LOVE that color, and love those floors so far!!!!!!!!! all good!

  5. Looks gorgeous, would be perfect in a kitchen fora pop of colour.
    Hope your flooring gets finished soon. It's hard when you've got little ones and it takes longer than they tell you! At least it will be worth it in the end :)

  6. Love it so much, it is just stunning and will be a real statement piece in someone's house and a treasure for years and years to come. beautiful job and thanks for linking up to Paint Parade
    Fiona x


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