Friday, April 19, 2013

Colour Choice Challenge - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint comes to Australia!

I don't usually post on a Friday, but today I have something really exciting to share. I was recently contacted about the launch of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Australia, and offered the chance to try out some of this amazing paint for myself!!

 photo AnnieSloancolourchallenge_zpse117db44.jpg

For the uninitiated, Chalk Paints great benefit is that you don't need to do SO much sanding and prep work. It's made to stick to almost anything, so primer isn't needed. I've made my own chalk paint at home in the past, but being able to buy ready made chalk paint in Australia is fantastic.

So I've been watching and waiting, and so excited to get the chance to try it, that I'd like to involve you guys as well. I've found what I think is the perfect piece to try out the paint, and I'd like your help in choosing a colour! Once we've chosen a colour I'll get to work and share the results back here some time soon.

First up, here's the piece I'll be working on...

 photo anniesloancolourchallenge2_zps8b3512bf.jpg

(Yes that's my Golden Retriever over on the side there! She was not moving off her bed, even for a biscuit!!)

She's in pretty good condition given the state of some of the pieces I work on, but she could definitely use an update. I've had her for a little while, and when this offer came up I knew straight away this was the perfect idea for her!

 photo anniesloancolourchallenge3_zpsfd113b1e.jpg

Next up, paint colour, and this is where you guys come in. I'd love you to let me know what colour I should choose! On Monday I'll tally the votes and put in my order! Here's what we can choose from!!


I KNOW!!! SO much to choose from. I've been through it a million times in my head - do I go traditional with Old White? Or how about a lovely Paris Grey with white cereamic knobs with french script? Or a real statement piece in Emperor's Silk with black  hardware? And of course I have a soft spot for any kind of blue... check out Duck Egg Blue, or Aubusson Blue!!! I could go on, but obviously this is where I need help!!

So I'd love to hear from you to help me choose! Please leave a comment here, send me an email, message me on Facebook or tweet me your vote for colour choice and let me know what I should try out! If you'd like to get your hands on some of this paint yourself, you can find Australian stockists here.

Thanks for stopping by...


  1. It's hard to choose but I'd like to see the Paris grey with white ceramic knobs.
    Sandra Spooner-Hart.

  2. I would go for the French Linen, with white knobs.

  3. Oh man...good luck choosing!! Only because its not me having to decide and thinking of you and your taste - I'd go duck egg blue. Then if it was me I'd put funky knobs on and distress of course!!
    Hopefully I'll get some too to try!!
    Have fun with it!!

  4. Oh lucky you, what a score getting to try it (for free I am guessing you mean? Yay!)

    As for colours, wow I don't know. I couldn't stop at one. That dresser of yours needs to be painted in two colours I reckon :) I'm going to say old white and french linen.

    Good luck choosing Catherine :)

    xx Karen

  5. i always love a good provence dresser- this one is so boxy that a fun color would be great!

  6. I quite like the Barcelona Orange and I can see it with black and white hardware a lá 70s retro.... maybe with black and white edges on the drawers to frame it - but that's just me :) All of the colours in the range seem very pale so it's no surprise I went for the brightest.

    Good luck.

  7. I'm a bit partial to blue too so how about Louis Blue with some beautiful glass knobs? Or Napoleonic Blue with graphic knobs. But I'm sure it will look fabulous however you make it over. Can't wait to see the after pics.

  8. I love the french linen with cream drawers! Hardware is up to you; brass, iron or porcelin, it's all good!

  9. You're going to love it! Old White is classic but my fav is Provence!

  10. Primer Red with silver shiney hardware...I just like living BOLD.....good luck!

  11. I like BOLD too so my vote is for Antibes Green with white/porcelain hardware. Love all the colours. Trying to decide on which one for my front door! And of course very excited for you!


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