Saturday, April 20, 2013

Weekend Wanderings - The Destash Market

Today I took a little time out from sanding and painting to head to a new market in my area, the Destash Market.

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Held at the local Country Woman's Association Hall, the market gave serious craft and DIY supply hoarders (not unlike myself) the chance to 'destash', that is, reduce their hoard and sell some of their crafty bits and pieces on to other crafters. I was SO tempted to have my own table, but just didn't have time to work out what I would / could let go of, as well as get ready for my next market.

 photo WeekendWanderingsDestashMarket1_zps91327e46.jpg

What I loved about this market is there was a great range of stuff for every kind of crafter - I picked up some great upholstery fabric for a chair I'm working on, there was also yarn, buttons, vintage linens, ribbon, fabric (vintage and new), scrapbooking paper, stamps - well you get the idea, just everything!

 photo WeekendWanderingsDestashMarket2_zps1d2fca51.jpg

I think this kind of event really encourages a local crafting community, and it was really great to be there amongst so many skilled and talented people. Everyone was happy to talk to me about what they had, where they got it from, why they bought it and then why they didn't ever get round to using it!!

There were loads of people and the hall is small, so I was lucky that the kids were at home for the day. The atmosphere was great and everyone was in a fantastic mood, despite the horrible weather we're having. My advice if you're going to go along next time is to get there early, and leave the kids at home!

 photo WeekendWanderingsDestashMarket3_zps18be31e7.jpg

I really wish I had bought more today, but I was on a mission to get a million things done, and a visit to an op shop in as well. I will be stalking the lady with upholstery fabric next time! If you're local to the Central Coast, the next one is scheduled for July 20. I'll definitely be there :)

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  1. It sounds like a great place

  2. That is such an awesome idea.
    I could do with having a stall myself ;O)
    T xx

  3. What a great idea!! You'll know what to expect next time, take a trailer ;-)

  4. Wow!! What a fabulous idea for a market!!! I could really have fun at one!!

  5. Wasn't it great, yes the weather was a bit bad and we got a bit wet. I am so going to the next one, hope they get a bigger hall next time. Yes kids at home is a great idea, so glad I did. Bought some lovely fabrics and everyone was just so lovely to chat to :)


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