Monday, February 4, 2013

Retro Record Cabinet in Chalk Paint

In my last Thrifty Thursday post I shared a photo of the record cabinet I scored at an op shop. Here she is in all shiny and RED!

 photo RecordCabinet1_zps76a39316.jpg

I love this piece. Retro style is definitely my cup of tea, but I hardly ever find anything in my price range in my area. And while this girl had some issues (the top had a couple of cracks) I still think she's amazing!

 photo RecordCabinet2_zps13268411.jpg

The photos above are from outside my home, just after I'd taken her out of the car. You can see the usual dirt and dust - the guy at the op shop told me that they had only just been unloaded when I walked in. Talk about timing! I also bought a couple of bedsides and a chest of drawers so the car was jam packed - Emma and Harry were slightly squashed in the back seat from all the junk I'd pulled out of the boot. The things we do...

I used the chalk paint recipe I found at The Apprentice Extrovert (1 part water, 1 part plaster of paris, 3 part paint) and I always knew I wanted to paint her red. It just seemed right, and I picked Kimono Red at the paint shop because it was just dark enough not to be fire engine style. I've left the inside original.

 photo recordcabinet3_zps66b7c636.jpg

I don't actually have any records, or a record player for that matter, though DK has a couple. I think he keeps them for nostalgia, as they're in a bag along with some of his old soccer jerseys from his teenage years. So, this one is destined for my next market, unless she finds a new home sooner :)

 photo recordcabinet4_zps43583db6.jpg

What about you - do you like a bit of retro style?

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  1. Cute Catherine and I am fussy with what retro stuff I like but I love some of it!

    I still have my teenage collection of records...Kids From Fame, Footloose, Madonna (blue vinyl!), Prince, Princess, Mel and Kim, Billy Idol and some solid gold hits ones. Oh yes I am old, lol! (41...doesn't feel old!)

    Now I wanted to ask you, as I have just done my first chalk paint piece and didn't trust the finish, will yours scratch off with your fingernail do you think? Mine does in places, which is why I don't like it. Now it may not be fully cured but I always find that if a piece scratches off easily after a day or two then no amount of curing will change that (have tested it in the past). Would be interested in your thoughts :)

    xx Karen

    1. Hi Karen

      The first piece I painted with chalk paint was exactly as you described - not exactly long lasting, and definitely not something I could sell! My mistake with the first batch was that I just put each of the ingredients in, not realising that I had to make up the plaster of paris first, stir it really well, then add the paint in last. I also put a bit more paint than the 1/3 1/3 1/3 recipe. I've finished it with Minwax and the finish is good (I've just tried scratching it in a couple of placing, and no issues). I've found chalk paint can be a little weird, and I'm so tempted to buy some milk paint but worried about the same issues.

      Good luck with it ;)

  2. Love retro, and red suits it perfectly!! Just reading the comments above...chalk paint distresses so easily so therefor would scratch off pretty easily but not once its sealed. I only have sealed with beeswax and I'm always happy with that. am yet to try minwax, don't think my hardware place sells it!
    Thanks for the link too!!
    Ps. The recipe I use has 3 parts paint to one each of plaster and water :-))

  3. I love anything retro...and I love your red album cabinet!! What an awesome find and excellent transformation!


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