Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Memory Mirror

Something I'm starting to develop a bit of an interest in is home decorating. Maybe it's living in a new house, getting sick of blank walls, or feeling like I want a grown up home, I've been itching to make our house feel like 'ours'.

And I've found some amazing people doing some very creative things. Right now my favourite is Centsational Girl, who shows her gorgeous Op Shop finds and how she renovates them.

So it's with this in mind that I finally made a start on this mirror.

 photo mirror_zpsc1a2e131.jpg

The mirror is one of the very few things I have from Dad's family home. His family had a fibro holiday house by the beach and when he married Mum they moved in. The house was filled with odds and ends furniture, including a wardrobe with this mirror in the centre. I couldn't keep the whole thing, but decided the mirror would one day make a nice momento. Underneath that terrible mint green was an interesting teal colour that almost caused me to give up (you can see it on the edge of the mirror in the pic below). And to the relative who painted on the actual glass... ARGH!!

 photo mirror2_zps4b55d271.jpg

And here it is now...

 photo mirror3_zpsd50921e4.jpg

I'm really happy with the outcome, especially for my first project (looking at the photos I am reminded again about getting a good camera, maybe one day). It's not on the wall yet - I think Danny is a bit scared to touch it given the sentimental value. I let a little of the old paint colour and wood show through, 'distressed' I think it's called. Can't wait to have it on the wall, I think it's a project for the school holidays.

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