Thursday, August 22, 2013

Thrifty Thursday!!


This week has been a crazy mix of spray paint, liquid nails and some VERY cool finds. This bit of fabulousness started it all off...

 photo 002_zps042f8401.jpg

Would you believe I had been sitting at my laptop wishing I could find another amazing cane piece to makeover, got up, got the kids in the car, drove down the street and picked up this girl. I can't even tell you how I got it home... another crazy driving episode that just proves my crazy obsession with furniture I suppose! I've given her a coat of primer and she is already looking better, can't wait to share the finished product!

 photo 012_zpsb7350132.jpg

I've added to the collection of pieces for my Rust-Oleum spray paint project this week with this beauty! By the weekend she will be a gorgeous glossy apple red! I've still got a couple of pieces still to find for this one, so will be on the hunt over the weekend. I've finished two pieces almost three, here they are up on the shelf waiting for some finishing touches and then their big moment in September (i.e The Better Homes and Gardens Show).

 photo 004_zps9ff8c1ba.jpg

The colours are just amazing!! And speaking of colour, I've been playing with some Annie Sloan Chalk Paint - this time layering French Linen and Duck Egg on the shutters I picked up last week...

 photo shutters_zps0dd80f39.jpg

Last but not least I've been busy working on a new look for my business, getting ready for a new website, logo and a little name change. I had no idea where to start by luckily a friend recommended someone to help me, and here's a little insight...

 photo logo2_zps566c6c6b.png

Luckily I have another friend who is my own personal social media expert (Hi Sally if you're reading) and she's helping me with everything else! Hopefully all will be revealed in the next couple of weeks ! Thanks for stopping by...


  1. I used to have a chair like that god I wish I had it now-cant wait to see what colour you paint it-love deex

  2. oh sounds like quite the week!!. what colour will the peacock be??. Al x


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