Monday, June 17, 2013

Coffee Table to Upholstered Ottoman Conversion

 photo upholsteredottoman_zps5da91b64.jpg

So if you've been around for a little while you will have noticed that I love ottomans. Not just any kind of ottoman, but one made out of a coffee table. And not just any coffee table either. It has to be free, or cheap. Like $5. Take this one for example..

 photo coffeetableoutthedoor_zps417f5967.jpg

Sometimes I see things on the side of the road and I can't leave them behind. So they come home with me any way they can. Including in the passenger seat, hanging out just a little. It's all about the CRAZY in this place :)

So I've mentioned before that the best coffee tables for these ottomans are those that have a good lip to work with - you need something that will let you staple your fabric underneath, neatly, and without too much hassle. Like this...

 photo coffeetablelip_zps1bf44d9c.jpg

I also prefer those that have a shelf underneath, but that's a taste thing rather than a function thing. The more storage the better in this house! I also think the shelf balances out the bulk of the upholstered top, again, it's a taste thing more than anything else. I always paint first, here is the table all painted up and ready to go... (I've been painting inside because it's so COLD in the garage!!)

 photo coffeetabletoottomanconversion_zps975f72f1.jpg

You can see the pieces of foam ready to go on top, which are then covered with a layer of wading. You can either staple the wading to the edge of the coffee table top (if there is enough space), or the underside. I've done both and both work out just fine.

 photo upholsteredottoman2_zpsd7e39d05.jpg

I know some people fold their corners, and if you're not a sewer, or don't have a sewing machine, you can definitely go this way. I like to sew mine as I think it finishes them off nicely. Then it's just a matter of attaching the top; getting it tight enough but not too tight! I fold my fabric over underneath before stapling to ensure a nice finish rather than raw edges.

 photo upholsteredottoman3_zps95e4d487.jpg

So I guess this is a case of stick to what you know. And love. I think these really make a statement and for a free coffee table I think the effort is definitely worth the outcome! If you'd like to see my other ottomans, you can see them here, here or here.

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  1. How pretty!!! I LOVE the fabric you chose!
    I have a coffee table that I'm going to be reupholstering too - when I can find an extra 5 minutes lol
    Beautiful job!

  2. What a gorgeous redo Catherine! I love the fabric you used, great upcycle :) Thank you so much for sharing at the Pretty Things party, xo


  3. I think all us DIYers fall into the 'crazy' category...anything to get that good find! ;-)
    Love how you do this, it's a fab idea and a great way to bring some fabric//texture to a room.
    Well done as always!! Xx

  4. Your ottomans are always lovely! I am currently doing one to sell, but wasn't expecting the foam to cost me $45, no wonder you only do them when they are free!

  5. that fabric is awesome! what a great piece!

  6. Your ottomans really are awesome Catherine, I need to give one a go at some stage!

    xx Karen

  7. thanks Catherine for linking up to paint parade. I remember seeing this photo of the bench hanging out for car before on facebook. hilarious. that;s me too! I love what you have done turning this into an Ottoman. the fabric is lovely. Fiona x

  8. Its comfortable to sit on this coffee table however it functions as a coffee table. I love these multipurpose tables .

    Finn Felton

    Kopi Luwak


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