Thursday, May 16, 2013

Thrifty Thursday - The Desk with a Story and other bits and pieces

I've picked up some great pieces in the last week or so, none more so than this vanity table, that I think will work beautifully as a desk.

 photo vanitydesk2_zps50359c02.jpg

The best pieces come with a story right? I actually bought this one on eBay from someone in Newcastle. He left it out on the verandah for me, as the house was empty ready to be sold and he was at work. So I struggled with this thing up the steep drive way, lifted it into the car and realised that the mirror frame that was still attached on one side was never going to fit in the car.

 photo VanityDesk_zps67d510cd.jpg

Honestly I cried. Harry was chasing a cat he'd discovered in the garden and I couldn't even think. AND I had no chocolate on hand. So I had a bit of a cry there in a street in Broadmeadow over a table.  Of course, there was no way I was leaving this thing behind, so I got myself together and walked over to the next door neighbours front door, little man in hand, and asked to borrow a saw. You should have seen the mans face - a grown woman, teary, with a two year old, asking for a saw! When I started to explain he held his hand up and said 'Yes, I'll see on the driveway'.

So I sawed that thing off, thanked the man profusely, got the desk into my car and headed off. If you follow me on Facebook you'll know that I then went to McDonalds where a brawl ensued amongst a bunch of men over who knows what. Harry thought it was great fun and as each man yelled at the other Harry would yell out random words too. So I inhaled a burger and we left.

 photo goodies_zps95715c3f.jpg

I also picked up a few bits and pieces for me... a lovely old blanket to use as a throw rug now its getting colder, a great cane basket, and a little mirror.

In other news can I share that I am having THE MOST hideous time finding knobs for everything I am working on? I've had three sets delivered so far and all of them I've sent back. IT"S DRIVING ME INSANE!!! Honestly, if I was looking for a business idea that would be it. Or I suppose I could work out how to make my own ceramic ones... but on the bright side, I am LOVING working on this!

 photo sneakpeakchair_zpsf73ac91f.jpg

It's a very obscure photo, but you guys get the idea right???

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  1. HOW in God's name did you get that desk in your car by yourself???
    I couldn't have done it - no way - no how!

  2. well i definitely think it was worth the trouble and tears- it's gorgeous!!!! i have gotten pieces in and out of my car, too.... we are motivated and we do it! :)

  3. You poor thing, I hope you can laugh about it now. I'm sureit will be worth the effort and look beautiful.
    What kind of knobs are you looking for? There's a few places I order from that maybe you could try.
    Alison x

  4. It is indeed an outstanding piece - and the funniest "how I got this vanity/desk" story ever! GOOD FOR YOU FOR BEING SO RESOURCEFUL! (I love the guy stopping you mid-sentence with upraised hand!)

    A brawl? At McDonald's?? What, someone ate too many fries??? Men (snort!) Behaving like that in front of a small child!

    Don't know if this helps:

  5. Love the vanity- glad it fitted in eventually! Love the throw- great colours!

  6. You did the best you can under the circumstance and very clever for transforming the vanity table to a desk! Been there and I sure know how it felt! Hi Catherine. I'm into home reno & design and I work for a social media that's all about houses/homes in AU In fact we are about to release an online renovation tool soon. Cheers!

  7. I have done the samething with a patio set. Except the car was a convertible Miata. We only had to go past one signal. We went slow and no one believes to this day we did it. But we have that set still today. What we won't do for a piece that sparks an idea!!

    Have a great weekend looking for the great item!!

  8. hi Catherine - it's going to make a beautiful desk and the tears will be all forgotten. I know how frustrating it is trying to jam furniture into the car! - i've gotten quite good at squeezing a huge amount in
    have a great weekend


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