Thursday, March 21, 2013

Thrifty Thursday #16

I have looked and looked, but I've had such a hard time thrifting this week! I guess I have so much luck lately with finds that it was bound to run out at some stage :) I've noticed a couple of my usual haunts either have raised their prices or seem to be selling junkier junk than usual (stuff even I wouldn't take home!). I have one piece to show you, and I'm warning you, this thing is hideous!!

  photo thriftythursday16_zps9f966116.jpg

Just awful right? I'm hoping to make this one over for Harry, replacing a terrible melamine set that's in his room at the moment. So I went out and bought myself a heat gun and will get cracking soon. I'm hoping to find something decent underneath so I can do a paint / natural wood combo.

I thought I'd also share a few work in progress pictures - just to prove that I have actually been working!!

 photo thriftythursday162_zps7541490b.jpg

This chair is going to be hard to part with. I started this first colour coat last night and I already love it. My quick snaps this morning just don't do it justice - the colour is called shampoo and it's gorgeous!

 photo thriftythursday163_zps6a73b793.jpg

This little table is so cute! I'm still tossing up whether to leave her plain or do some kind of stencil on top...

 photo thriftythursday164_zpsbb45d6e5.jpg

I was almost finished the ottoman when I ran out of staples. So one side is still to be completed. I just love the fabric; I'm thinking I'll make some cushions for myself out of this given my couches are very bare looking!

So, have you had better luck than me this week? Found anything awesome??


  1. awesome projects you have there on the go. looking forward to seeing what you do with the draws. I finally finished the directors chairs I got from the tip and am sooooo happy!
    onto some footstoools and a table I got from yes...the tip and vinnies.
    have a great thursday.
    Bec x

  2. You've definitely been busy!! Think you might of passed your thrifting luck onto me :-) don't worry, I'll give it back...eventually!

  3. LOVE the colour of the chair, I think I may have painted something with Shampoo too. Good luck with the rainbow drawer set, can't wait to see the after shot

  4. The ottoman and the chair are fantastic. Gook luck with the chest of draws. You seem to work magic with your pieces so I am sure it will look lovely.


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