Wednesday, October 31, 2012

My October Market Stall

I'm so completely frustrated with a project I'm working on that I've come in here to write and think about something else for a while. I've been recovering a chair that is just driving me insane, so it will just have to sit for a while, while I get over it. Does that happen to you? This is what's causing me the trouble...

 photo marketstall_zps99fcac73.jpg

So instead of a lovely finished project I thought I'd share some photos of my market stall on Sunday. I had a great time, though completely different to the last one (which was my very first). At my first market I sold every one of my furniture pieces but none of the smaller pieces I'd taken (think cushions, coasters, blackboards etc). This time, no furniture pieces but lots of small pieces. WEIRD. I guess you just can't tell!

 photo marketstall2_zps088f3696.jpg

After my first market I realised I needed something for ground cover, so I bought a 3x3 piece of mesh to cover the ground and it worked really well. I wasn't sure about putting up the sides of my tent, and not many of the other stall holders do, but looking at my photos now I think I will next time. The ugly brick building the in background doesn't really do it for me!

 photo marketstall3_zpsc911838b.jpg

I'm also learning to be a little more confident when talking to market goers. I've met some lovely people at the market, and a few of those who bought pieces the first time round came back again this month which was really nice. I gave out loads of business cards and got some great feedback which is always nice.

I was really nervous again, but got over it quickly. Once you start setting up and rearranging as the day goes on, talking to people and checking out what other stall holders are doing, it's all over! I've realised that I need to keep talking - to the market organisers, friends, family, other stall holders, other crafty people, bloggers market goers -  there are ideas and suggestions and support out there for all of us.

 photo marketstall4_zps91f5e323.jpg

So I'm going again in November, and that chair is supposed to be my centre piece. Although, if it doesn't get itself together (I blame the chair entirely) then there is also this lovely telephone table...

 photo marketstall5_zps6d3ba3d0.jpg

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  1. Hi Catherine, it is nice to hear how your market stalls have been going. You certainly never can tell what will sell until the day - some months I sell lots of big stuff and others, none of it. Quite often though I find stuff will sell the week after a market, as people have had time to measure up/think about it, and come and have another look. I like to do one 'centrepiece' each market too, I usually make it something big like a sideboard (I love doing those as I find them to be not really a lot more work than say a chair, but the profit margin is much higher). My next market is Sat 10th November so I am busily getting stuff done for it, the 4 weeks in between each market seems to disappear rather quickly!

    xx Karen

  2. It is strange isn't it? You never know what's going to happen at a market!! I think each time we do one we will improve. My next one is in December so I really need to start preparing!
    It's awesome that you gave out lots of cards and the good feedback is uplifting to so well done!! X

  3. Well I love your stuff!
    You must have so much more patience than latest project is also driving me a little crazy!
    I can't wait to see the finished chair!
    T xx

  4. I love what you are doing, thanks for following, I am following back!


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