Monday, September 3, 2012

My first market stall booked for September & Your advice needed!

I've had some great news this week - I've been accepted as a stall holder at the Avoca Beachside Markets!

 photo AvocaBeachsideMarkets_zps99aa78cf.jpg

This is the biggest and best local handmade market on the Central Coast where I live. They have a great selection of products; everything from jewellery to gourmet sausages! I had to put a little application together (my first time, I had no idea what I was doing!) and a selection of photos, and hooray I'm in!

 photo avocabeachsidemarkets2_zps6e1e31f7.jpg

These guys will be coming with me, plus a bunch of other projects I'm working my way through. My garage looks like a war zone! My stall name is Paisley Vintage, combining two things I love, and a little nod to this here little blog that started the ball rolling.

My to do list is a mile long! I'm SO excited, but I'm also nervous about making it a success. So I'd love your advice...

What makes a great stall? What advice would you give to a newbie like me?

Look forward to hearing from you!


  1. you will be great- you have a fabulous eye! make sure you have items that draw people in and give you height so from afar people see you! :)

  2. Such awesome news!! I've only done one, so not very knowledgeable on the best stall out there - as long as the majority of items will fit in a persons car, if things are too big people won't consider buying them.
    Oh and I printed up heaps of cards with my blog address and phone number and I sat them around plus handed them out and they all went!! Make lots!! I also had a little music playing via iPhone in a dock with batteries - it was nice in the background and nobody else did it;-)
    Good luck!!

  3. Hi Catherine, I have been doing market stalls this year since April, I think I have done 4 or 5 now. They are a fantastic way to get your name and products out there and gain a bit of a local following. I am in Port Macquarie (well I live in Lake Cathie actually) and moved here from NZ a year ago so had to kind of start all over again finding customers. Market stalls have done that for me as there are so many people there and all my feedback has been so positive and lovely. I take big items as well as small (hutch dressers, sideboards, chairs, cushions, buntings), obviously people don't come to markets to buy a hutch dresser or bookcase etc but my big things usually sell better than my little things. People are happy to come and pick up in a day or two or you could always offer to deliver something if it is on your way home. I agree with Courtney about the cards, take heaps. I also made up a little printed introduction about me and what I do/offer and I display it in a brochure stand. Take food and drink, in case you can't get away to grab something. Take your camera and take lots of photos. Price all your items (and don't sell your stuff too cheap!). Take baby wipes and a sanding block, always useful to touch up marks that items get when they are loaded and unloaded, especially onto grass. Take a notepad and paper, keep track of what you sell and who you talk to about potential commission work (if you offer that). Take a change float and receipt book. Take spare swing tags/price stickers or whatever you use. Take tape and scissors and string (it always comes in handy!) I actually have a plastic bin thing with a clip on lid that I keep all my 'market' items in, it makes it easier to keep that stocked up and ready to grab for market day. A jar of something with fresh flowers always looks cute too :) that's all I can think of for now, I am sure you will have a great (but exhausting!) day :)

    xx Karen


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